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Featured Missionaries-Paul and Amber Taube-Nepal-1/15/2017










Below are pictures of the building construction beginning for Camp Refuge.

Pic 1

The back retaining wall is almost done.  With all these walls finished, we will be able to begin the building project when we arrive back to Kathmandu in February.  Please continue to pray the funds would come in and that the work will not be stopped.

Pic 2

All of the construction in Nepal is done by hand.  They dig the holes, mix the concrete, and set the frames all by hand.  It is amazing to watch them carry stones and bricks up the side of a mountain.  Please pray for safety for the ones who are working at Camp Refuge.



Pic 3

My friend sent me this picture last week.  It is my favorite of all he has sent me even though it does not show the progress of our property.  This is the room where the workers live and eat while working on Camp Refuge.  Even though most Nepali people do not know it, God is showing grace and mercy on them every single day.  This rainbow shows them that truth.  Please pray that Camp Refuge would be a place that brings many Nepali people to a place of understanding that God truly loves them and shows them grace and mercy every day.

For His Name Sake, Paul Taube

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