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Want to Experience a Touch of Grace?

Is your heart empty and destitute of love? Though you may have friends and family that care for you, do you still feel lonely and rejected? Is your heart heavy from wrongdoing and you desire forgiveness? Are you seeking for answers, but they just don’t seem to come? Does your heart yearn for peace and rest? Have you heard about Jesus Christ, but you don’t really know Him or know much about Him?

If this describes you, this page can give you some answers.

If you have would like more information, feel free to accept our FREE gift with this book. Simply use the coupon code FREEGIFT when you select this book in the shopping cart.

You are more than a body; you will live forever somewhere; and God is on a divine rescue mission to make sure your “forever” is safe with Him! If you enjoy being loved; if you enjoy gifts; if you care about where you will spend forever; and if you want to know the true message of the Bible, then you must read this book! Where will you spend forever? You owe this question some investigation…


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