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Adult Ministries

The Adult Ministries at Grace Baptist Church include individual age and stage Sunday school classes and fellowship opportunities. The purpose of the adult ministries is to teach adults to grow together in God’s Word, to hold fellowships that enhance friendship and unity, to encourage personal devotions, and to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

GBCU, the college and career ministry of Grace Baptist Church, is made up of singles ranging in age from 18 through their late 20’s.  This is the decade of life when young adults make decisions that determine the direction their lives will take.  GBCU exists to teach young adults how to make these choices based on the principles of the Word of God.  Through twice weekly time together, scheduled activities, and monthly outreach, we give our members opportunities for fellowship and service to God.  We meet upstairs above the main lobby in the GBCU Cafe and Classroom Sunday mornings at 10 AM and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM for a more casual time of Bible study and refreshments.  For more information contact Tony Trammell at

CleaversThe Cleavers
The Cleavers class is a group of couples who are newly married with young families (20’s and 30’s). Every couple will face challenges, but with the help of God we can live in peace and harmony. We believe that God’s Word holds the key to producing a healthy marriage, gives us the tools needed for raising children, and equips us for sharing the Gospel of Christ with those who have not heard. Come join us on Sunday morning in Room 105 as we study God’s word and grow in our spiritual walk with Christ.

Joyful Women
A class designed for ladies of all ages.

The Family Builders
A class formed to address the issues and needs of growing families. The class is designed to help dads and moms establish a firm spiritual foundation for their families honoring our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST as the True Head of every Christian home. Besides Sunday school classes, we hold fellowships and activities that enhance spiritual growth, friendship and unity among young families in our church.

The Harvesters
A wonderful mixture of personalities and talents, ranging from the quiet/reserved to the outgoing, who know no strangers.  Seriously, this class of middle age couples ranges in the 35-50-ish age category.  Our purpose is to grow  together and mature spiritually through  the study of His Word and prayerful communication using regular, personal, quiet time with the Lord.   Our desire is to be like Him so that others will come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

The Lamplighters
This class delivers purposeful lessons geared to challenge the Bible student to know God’s Word, love, and plan in the lives of His saints and to share it with the lost world.  The class fellowship, mainly over the age of 50, is warm, friendly and welcoming, and offers many opportunities to plug into Grace’s Ministries.

Whosoever Will
This adult Sunday School class was formed to study the Word of God without restrictions of age, gender, marital status or any other reason.  This class was aptly named ” WHOSOEVER WILL ” in order to make all students feel welcome.  This class is taught by Gordon and Margaret Moore.

The Grace Bible Class
A Class for all ages of Adults. It is taught by Pastor Fernandez. Attend this Class and receive a blessing.

The Deaf Ministry
A class currently led by Todd Green and is designed for those who communicate in American Sign Language or would like to do so.

Jolly 60'sJolly Sixties
This is a wonderful ministry for those 55 and up.  They meet every third Saturday in the Grace Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.  In addition, the group takes two major trips each year.  Please contact Jim Winters at for more information.

Our ladies ministry consist of Bible studies and activities offered at different times through the year. Child care is provided and the desire is to allow young moms, working ladies, and busy ladies to be refreshed with God’s Word and fellowship.

Men’s Prayer BreakfastiStock_000015435141XSmall
All the men of the church are invited to participate at 7:30 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month. The time consists of a short devotional, sharing of requests, and a season of prayer.  Following the prayer time, we dismiss to local restaurants for breakfast and fellowship.(Luke 18:1)

Christ command that we are to teach and train followers.  Men or women who wish one on one help with their Christian lives are assigned a lay leader or staff member to meet on a regular basis and study the Word of God together.  Lessons are completed and relationships are established to lead believers to be more like Christ.

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