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Children’s Ministries

At Grace, we take Children’s Ministries very seriously.At Grace, Children’s Ministries are taken very seriously.

The most critical time to reach a young person is during their early years.  It is in those early years that a child will develop his basic worldview. The aim of GBCKidz is to teach these young minds and lives truth and to instill the Word of God into their hearts and minds in a very real way. At Grace Baptist Church, Children’s Ministries are taken very seriously. Every one of the GBCKidz ministries, from the nursery up, has a specific goal in mind: that is to develop a love for God and His Word.

There are a multitude of areas where Kidz can become involved. 

Children’s Choir

Kidz Choir meets every Sunday afternoon at 5 PM for practice and sing before the Church every third Sunday Evening. They also present special programs through the year.

Noah’s Park

Noah’s Park places great emphasis on learning about God. Each Lesson is tailored to fit the Kindergarten age group. There is story time, puppet time, craft time, play time, and snack time. The goal is to begin planting the truths of God’s Word into the minds of children at a very early age.

The Farm

The Primary Church service is an hour packed full of games, Bible lessons, puppets, prizes, and songs just for Grades One to Three.  The Farm is at 11 AM.

Truth Quest (4th-6th at 11AM)

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Master Clubs

The purpose Is to Evangelize, Disciple, Teach, Train and Provide Opportunities for Children to Serve God Now. To teach children God’s Holy Word, carefully, both in lesson, memory, and in life style. Projects will motivate children to “live out” the truth that is taught. There is a wonderful group of leaders who model what they are teaching. Master Club meets on Wednesday at 6:45 PM.

PeeWee Club

PeeWee Club is a fun time for children ages three to five to learn God’s Truths though songs, puppets, lessons and more. PeeWee Club meets every Sunday during the Evening Worship Service.

Community Outreach

Children, teens, adults, seniors…



A wonderful group of volunteers love the small ones from the cradle to two years old. Twenty-four hour surveillance equipment has been installed to ensure child safety at all times. A paging system allows parents to attend service without worry.