Welcome to Project 8:4!

If you’re here, it may be because you saw something on social media or received a link from a friend. This is our way of helping our local community. We are a church, so of course we want to help you spiritually; however, we also realize there are other needs in our community. Filling out the survey below helps us understand how we can better use our resources to positively impact the community.

Thanks for taking the next few minutes to fill it out.

What is Project 8:4?

Project 8:4 is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, based out of Acts 8:4, where the Bible says:

“Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.”

The goal of Project 8:4 is to serve Christ by…

  • Going to our local community
  • Knowing our local community
  • Helping our local community

Going to the local community can mean a lot of different things. You may have received contact through a Facebook post, a home visit, a postcard, an invitation to a church event, etc.

Knowing the local community is accomplished through the survey that was presented to you. Please help us help you. When you complete the survey, this helps us to know how to better help you and apply the gospel in this local area.

Helping our local community can be accomplished in a myriad of ways, but the ultimate mission that Christ has given to us is to minister the gospel.

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