Ministry and Education – Part 1



We believe ministry is Christlike service in every sphere of the believer’s life.

The greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the one who humbly serves. There is no greater example of this than Jesus Christ, who humbly washed his own disciples’ feet on the eve of his Passion. So, without argument, the ultimate service and submission of our Lord is seen in the Gospel—his righteous life, substitutionary death for our sins, burial, and resurrection.

In consideration of the new creation that the believer is in Christ, through the Gospel, one mustn’t believe that ministry is relegated to one compartmentalized portion of the believer’s life. The entire life of the believer, regardless of vocation, should be considered a life of service to the Lord. In other words, all that the believer does should be done as unto the Lord.

The perception that the believer is serving the Lord at Middletown Christian Schools, as if he or she is giving up a service to some other god in the secular world is a wrong understanding of the believer’s life. This faulty perception undermines what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and wrongly leads to self-exalting thoughts of personal sacrifice. The only sacrifice that should drive all that the believer does is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is the love of Christ that should compel the Christian.

The only sacrifice that should drive all that the believer does is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Again, if a believer expects to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, then he or she must submit to be the servant of all. This is not divorced from any area of life; but, in fact, this is true for every area of the believer’s life.

Take heart! Are you a believer? Yes, you say. Well, you are not your own. Glorify God in your body in all places and at all times. It is this imperative for which you have been saved and equipped.


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