Motherhood: An Identity Crisis

BY ELIZABETH BERRY   We are created in the image of God. Our lives are designed to reflect—to image—pure perfection: the Creator Himself. The human identity was always intended to be found in Him. The curse of sin has ruined many things for mothers—we experience infertility, miscarriage, difficulties in childbirth, heartbreak, death, and so much more—but […] READ MORE

How Do Christians Cope with Uncertainty and Stress?

BY DON OVERPECK   Stress is generally caused by fear of the unknown or a real or perceived loss of control in one’s life. How will I pay my bills? How will I cope with my disease? Sometimes we do things we should not, which creates stress. I must speed and weave through traffic unsafely to […] READ MORE

Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

BY ALEX FLANAGAN   To say that there are a multitude of different worldviews in our modern society is certainly a given. A quick glance at the world around us is all that is needed to confirm it. Indeed, differing ideas and opinions seem to be almost as plentiful as there are people. Amidst all these, […] READ MORE

Is Jesus Truly God?

BY JAKE TAUBE   Christians affirm that Jesus is God. Sound a little superstitious? After all, Jesus lived a long time ago, and we can’t really put this claim to the test, can we? What proof do Christians have that Jesus is God? But, really, how long ago Jesus lived isn’t the biggest problem. If some […] READ MORE