BY MAX FERNANDEZ   Introduction Companionship is one of the blessings of marital covenant. Implicit within the thought of companionship is the assumption that aloneness is not good. From where did this assumption come, and who made the solution for aloneness? The purpose of this first lesson will be to establish that God is both the […] READ MORE

Galatians for the Christian Institution

BY MAX FERNANDEZ   How does Galatians 1:1-5 help administrators within a Christian institution?   It is hard to imagine that such an old writing like the book of Galatians may actually be relevant within Christian administration, but Galatians is tremendously relevant for administrators within a Christian institution. It will be the purpose of this short article to set […] READ MORE

Is Christianity Relevant?

BY ALEX FLANAGAN   “God is dead, and we have killed him.” That is what the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche concluded in his seminal parable entitled The Madman. Although this simple yet profound statement was written well over one hundred years ago, it seems that the ideology behind it has never been more popular than it is […] READ MORE

What Does the Bible Say Happens When Someone Dies?

BY DON OVERPECK   What happens when you die depends on what happens before you die. Hebrews 9:27 declares, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” The only opportunity you will ever have to get right with God, is the opportunity God affords you right now. When those who […] READ MORE

Mom Life: One of God’s Greatest Ministries Is Being a “Mom”

BY VAL BUSSELL   There are many important, loving people in a child’s life; however, since I am a mom, we will approach this subject from that point of view. Regardless of whether you are an adopting mom, foster mom, step-mom or biological mom, everything said here will relate to you. So, a little about me…… […] READ MORE

Jesus and the Defeat of Racism

BY JAKE TAUBE   One of the great wonders of our modern era is that I can safely assume essentially every reader agrees that racism is evil and all people, whatever their ethnicity, have equal dignity and value. This would not have been the case in nearly every society of the past! As concerned as we may be about the […] READ MORE

Motherhood: An Identity Crisis

BY ELIZABETH BERRY   We are created in the image of God. Our lives are designed to reflect—to image—pure perfection: the Creator Himself. The human identity was always intended to be found in Him. The curse of sin has ruined many things for mothers—we experience infertility, miscarriage, difficulties in childbirth, heartbreak, death, and so much more—but […] READ MORE

How Do Christians Cope with Uncertainty and Stress?

BY DON OVERPECK   Stress is generally caused by fear of the unknown or a real or perceived loss of control in one’s life. How will I pay my bills? How will I cope with my disease? Sometimes we do things we should not, which creates stress. I must speed and weave through traffic unsafely to […] READ MORE

Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

BY ALEX FLANAGAN   To say that there are a multitude of different worldviews in our modern society is certainly a given. A quick glance at the world around us is all that is needed to confirm it. Indeed, differing ideas and opinions seem to be almost as plentiful as there are people. Amidst all these, […] READ MORE

Is Jesus Truly God?

BY JAKE TAUBE   Christians affirm that Jesus is God. Sound a little superstitious? After all, Jesus lived a long time ago, and we can’t really put this claim to the test, can we? What proof do Christians have that Jesus is God? But, really, how long ago Jesus lived isn’t the biggest problem. If some […] READ MORE