The Manger of Christmas



The Manger of Christmas
Began with God above,
Past an innkeeper’s business
And a busy, selfish crowd.

This Manger held our Savior –
Emmanuel, His name.
The angels knew it well
The shepherds told the same.

This one Manger revealed
A loving Father’s plan
Down the Path of Suffering
I could never comprehend.

At Christmastime and always,
O God, please help me see
The Manger once in Bethlehem
And the manger for my journey.

May my manger remain warm
And tender to Thy call,
Not like that of the innkeeper’s
Nor the hurried steps of all.

May my own manger reveal
God’s gracious master plan,
Which is not so clear just now
But by and by I’ll understand.

Please help me see the Manger
In its humility and power,
And make my life a manger
To a special one this hour.

May my compassion eclipse
Wrath and sorrow to pry,
Just as the Father turned His face
From His beloved Son’s cry.

Thank you, God, for the Manger
And for Christmas in my heart,
For all the hidden treasures
As light and darkness bid part.


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